Tech Village resident arrested, charged with possession of weed

Tech police arrested a Tech Village resident upon finding a large amount of drug paraphernalia inside an apartment. According to a Tech police report filed on Feb. 2, Lt. Robert Cartwell responded to a call at Tech Village to unlock a vehicle at 6:46 p.m. Upon arrival, Cartwell spoke with a woman who said she locked her keys in her vehicle.

While asking her to sign a liability waiver, he could smell a strong burnt marijuana scent on her person. When questioned she stated that she had been around people who were smoking, but she had not smoked.

Lt. Tony Nelson responded and was able to unlock the vehicle, but her keys were not inside. The woman and police proceeded to her apartment to find the keys. When Tech police entered the apartment they were greeted by the woman’s male roommate, Jeremy Lee Moore, and an even stronger scent of burnt marijuana.

When Tech police questioned Moore about the scent he admitted to smoking just thirty minutes earlier. A search was conducted of the living area but nothing was found. Cartwell and Nelson then went to the back bedroom and asked him again if he possessed anything illegal.

According to the police report, Moore lowered his head and said, “Yes, weed.” When asked how much, he responded, “A bunch, about an ounce or so.” He then told police that the substance could be found in the closet on a shelf in white bags. Nelson and Cartwell found six individual bags of what they believed to be marijuana.

“The substance is being sent to the crime lab to be confirmed as marijuana,” said Lt. Donald Frazier. “It appeared to be about 7 ounces, but we won’t know for sure until it is weighed at the crime lab.”

Nelson and Cartwell placed Moore under arrest and searched him again before transporting him to the Putnam County jail. He was charged with possession of schedule VI for resale, and a court date has been set.