Comics that should be on your radar: Daytripper and Mice Templar

Daytripper, the brain child of Brazilian twins Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, is full of imagination and creative storytelling. In addition, the visual aspect of the book is above and beyond most others on the rack.The art in the book oozes style, which Bá perfected through his work on various other comics, including both series of Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy. Moon, who really cut his teeth on Casanova, while working with Bá, is co-artist on this project.

The storytelling flows seamlessly and the twins sacrificed no substance for style. The story follows a Brazilian man reliving the most important moments of his life after a tragic twist at the end of the first issue. From that moment, the meat of the story begins to unfold.

The series is slated for 10 issues published by Vertigo.

This comic definitely falls into the “buy it now” category. Do yourself a favor though, make sure to pick up the second issue while you’re there.

The second book you need to check out is Mice Templar, which is written by Bryan J. L. Glass and drawn by Michael Avon Oeming. The book just finished its second six-issue series, with the first already in one-bound volume.

Mice Templar tells the story of Karic, a young mouse separated from his family after a raid enslaves or kills the remaining villagers. From that point, Karic sets off on a quest to save his family and friends. He soon learns that Wotan, the god of the night, has much more for Karic to do.

The book has a style all to its own in both story and art. While comparisons to Brian Jacques’ classic teen-novel series Redwall are unavoidable, Mice Templar pulls away and creates a unique atmosphere. The story is far darker in nature and the art style reflects the story well.

The art changed slightly from the first series to the second, becoming a bit more cartoony than the previous. Despite that it, the visual element of the book is still well done.

This book is still fairly new so anyone looking to get into it will only need to make a minimal investment, an investment you should make. There has not been any word on when the next series will begin, but it can’t come soon enough.

If you have the extra scratch, go check these books out, they are worth your time and money.