Privacy question can hinder students

Students hoping to use the dean’s list as proof of their academic standing for auto insurance discounts could be out of luck because of one yes or no question answered when they applied at Tech or moved off-campus. The answer to the question, asked when filling out address information forms, determines if students record information can be released to individuals, employers or media. Circling no ensures that your records won’t be released by the school to employers or publications like the phone book. However, as a result the school can’t release that grade information through the dean’s list.

“There was a student who needed to prove he was on the dean’s list for something outside of the University, but because he checked no, we couldn’t release the information,” said Valeri Oliver, Public Relations writer. “We can’t release the information even if it is for something positive.”

Other options exist for students trying to prove their standing, but using the dean’s list is the least revealing way to do so.

The dean’s list is released after each semester to recognize those students with a 3.1 or higher for the semester. This list is sent off to each students hometown newspaper for publication and uploaded to the Tech website. The website version allows users to sort the list by city, county or name.