America should help weaker countries in need

The recent disaster in Haiti has killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people. The U.S., along with many other nations, is trying to aid the country in as many ways as possible. Supplying medical assistance and resources to countries in the midst of chaos has been an American tradition since our beginning. I was shocked to find out that many people do not agree with our government spending money to help support the disaster-stricken nation. In fact, there are even two online petitions demanding our government to stop funding to Haiti and the victims of the earthquake.

According to the sites both titled, “U.S. Should Not Help Haiti Earthquake Victims”, the U.S. doesn’t have the resources to spare. I understand that America is in debt and we should be focused on our problems, however part of what makes this country such a symbol of hope is the fact that we help other places when in desperate need such as now.

The site reads, “By giving money, we will prevent Haitian citizens from rising up in their own Tea Party Revolution and taking their country back from the Marxists.”

Frankly, I don’t think the people of Haiti are organized enough to free themselves from any government oppression at the moment because their country is now ruins from a natural disaster that no political power created.

The site also claims that they do not discourage private organizations from donating to help the victims.

I agree that the majority of supplies and relief workers should be from private sources. Maybe companies and individuals are helping out in their own ways, such as volunteering and fundraising.

Even here on our own campus, I have seen one group collecting donations for the cause. One of the best things about religiously affiliated organizations is the amount of volunteering that churches do during this kind of global catastrophe.

The problem I have is the fact that these people believe that we as a nation should do nothing to help these people who have been put in such a helpless position that is not their fault. You may argue that their government is corrupt. That may be so; however I don’t understand how the victims of such a horrific event have corrupted their government.

Glenn Adamson ends the message with, “The U.S. government should not give one dime: it isn’t their money to give and it will only reward failed choices.”

I would like to know how a child left as an orphan from this earthquake has made a choice in the Haitian government. The idea that U.S. should not participate in disaster relief because we have a debt and unemployment is reasonable to an extent, however we all have food to eat and a place to live. If you don’t have a job, the U.S. government will help you out and supply you with welfare so you can feed your family.

On the other hand, this nation is in such bad shape from this tragic occurrence some people really do have nothing there. Children will go without meals and medical attention if the United States ignores this problem.

It is hard to imagine that American people, who in comparison have life pretty well, want to be selfish and withhold help from an area that is suffering more than most Americans ever will.

Our nation is a symbol of hope for so many other nations. America should be committed to helping nations as well as staying mindful of our own limited resources, instead of only looking out for number one.