Get in shape, take a fitness class

Working out at Tech, there are numerous ways to get in shape. Fitness classes are growing in popularity on college campuses. But which class is the best? There are 13 classes at Tech’s Fitness Center, and knowing where to start can be a challenge. “People come in and ask me what class do I go to? ” said Ramona Mahood-Pennington, University Recreation and Fitness Center coordinator. ” It all depends on what your goal is.”

There are classes for every personality and fitness level.

Aqua Dance is an in-water cardio workout class. It is a gentle workout for people and great for water lovers. Step Express is another cardio class for high-energy people who want an aerobic workout. The level of intensity can be controlled in this class by changing the height of the step.

“Any workout is as hard as you make it,” Mahood-Pennington said.

Boredom is an issue people face when working out, and changing a routine is a great way to combat it. That’s why Tech offers different kinds of classes, such as the High Hips class. This is a middle-eastern dance workout that is great for abs. If boredom is an issue, this is a great way to step up a workout.

If High Hips isn’t enough, say good-bye to being bored, and join in on the high-energy kickboxing dance party, Turbo Kick. This workout is for people who want to have fun and not feel like they are working out. For cardio lovers, Pedal I.T. is a high-energy, total cardio cycling class for those at an advanced fitness level.

For those focusing on strengthening the body, Sculpt Zone is a great choice. This class is a resistance workout for those who want to weight train but do not like the weight room. Those who like a challenge and want a detoxifying, relaxing workout should try Every Bodies Yoga. Yoga is a hard, strength- training workout and is difficult because of the slow pace movements that tone the body.

If having a fabulous tummy and tush is the goal, TNT is the perfect workout. TNT goes well with the Ab Lab workout class. This class concentrates on combining cardio and strength training to achieve a toned core and back.

For an all-over total body workout, try Bootcamp. Interval training makes Bootcamp a great fat burning workout and is for those who like sweating and hard work. Another cardio and strength training combo class is Cycle Circuit. This fast-pace class is on the stationary bike.

“Prepare to sweat,” Mahood-Pennington said. “One minute you are on the bike three minutes later you’re on the floor doing push-ups.”

Cardio Kick is another combo class like Turbo Kick. However, Cardio Kick is a longer workout that adds muscle-strengthening exercises. Water Works is another class for those who love water but also desire an aerobic feel. It is great for targeting individual muscle groups.

“You are working hard in this class, but don’t feel like it,” Mahood-Pennington said.

“It’s ok if you are a beginner,” Mahood-Pennington said.

Here are some tips for beginners from Mahood-Pennington.

Introduce yourself to your instructor. If you let the instructor know you are a beginner they can keep their eye on you.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, even if you are doing an in-water class because dehydration occurs.

Everyone was a beginner at some point so don’t be afraid.

Know that once the music turns on all eyes are on the instructor.

For more information about the fitness classes offered by Tech, visit www.tntech.edu/recreation/fitclasses or call 372-6511 for details on pricing and available times.