Tech to host A Major Discovery Fair

Sixty percent of students who withdraw from Tech never declare a major. In an attempt to lower that number, The Office of Academic Affairs is hosting a majors fair geared toward undecided students.A Major Discovery is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday in the RUC Multipurpose Room. Event coordinator Brittni Simmons said the event will have the same feel as a career fair, with booths set up to display some of the different majors offered at Tech.

“We want this to help undecided students attach themselves to the university,” Simmons said.

While A Major Discovery is primarily geared toward students who have yet to declare a major, Simmons said students who have chosen a major could also benefit from the fair by seeing the potential career opportunities available with a degree in their field.

“Some students may not be in the right major, and some students who are in the right major don’t have a clue what they can do with it,” Simmons said. “This gives them a chance to see what jobs are out there.”

At the event, students will have the chance to take a career assessment test given by Career Services.

“This will hopefully give unsure students confidence in any decision they make when choosing a major and, ultimately, a career path,” Simmons said.

A Major Discovery will have both student and faculty representatives from 19 different academic departments. Roy Loutzenheiser, associate dean of the College of Engineering, said he plans to bring a student from each major in the College of Engineering to offer advice.

Simmons said she hopes the fair is more successful than it was the first time it was held.

“We have games, we have door prizes, we even have entertainment,” said Simmons. “We really want students to want to take advantage of this opportunity.