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Even though the economy is suffering, so far the Education Department at Tech has not had to make any cutbacks. “We will not know if we have to make any cutbacks until the state Legislators meet,” said Larry Peach, dean of the College of Education.

Peach has a plan to keep the department functioning normal even if the state Legislators decide to cut funding.

“Cutbacks in the department won’t affect the students,” Peach said. “They will still get to graduate in a timely manner and have all the training they need.”

If they have to cut back, the department will be cutting courses, limiting travel and limiting workshops. Peach also suggested if someone is retiring, they would have to hire someone for less salary, and the courses that are not being filled may result in those instructors being laid off.

“The only department that might affect the students will be the graduate program, but I am hoping I do not have to do that,” Peach said. “I have a wonderful staff, which has stepped forward and are completely willing to take on extra tasks if cutbacks happen.”

The College of Education staff has came forth and said they would teach bigger sections and take on more advising. The staff has also been very open and communicates often to be ready if cutbacks happen.