Go inside the booth: Kassi Thomas

Kassi Thomas hosts “Horseback Harmonies” on WTTU 88.5 FM. The Oracle had a chance to sit down with Kassi while she aired the most recent installment of her show.Q: Any DJ names and the story behind them?

KT: It’s always just been “Kassi” except for the semester I cohosted a show with my friend Brittany Wilkey and together we formed a cohesive unit known as “K-Dub.”

Q: Tell us about your show.

KT: “Horseback Harmonies” is based around Daytrotter sessions recorded at Horseback Studios in Rock Island, Ill. It’s an eclectic mix of new indie music with a focus on indie folk.

Q: You said you focus on indie folk, could you name some of the bands or artists featured on the show?

KT: Sure, I play bands like Delta Spirit, A.A. Bondy, Social Studies, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, and Cold War Kids just to name a few.

Q: Tell us about your experience at WTTU 88.5 FM.

KT: I’ve been a DJ at WTTU 88.5 FM since my freshman year in Fall 2006. I’ve worked in station management off and on from Fall 2007 to Fall 2009. This is my fourth show while at the station.

Q: What past shows have you done?

KT: My first, “Queens of Noise” was in 2007. Next came “The Band Next Door,” which focused on local artists, in the Spring 2008. Finally, I worked on “K-Dub’s 2 Hours of Power” in Spring 2009. I’ve got my show planned for next semester: “Gypsy Rose,” which will focus on Eastern European folk music.

Q: One last quick question, what are you studying here at Tech?

KT: I’m working on a B.A. in History with Secondary Education.

Kassi’s “Horseback Harmonies” can be heard on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on WTTU 88.5 FM or streamed by following the link at TNTech.edu/WTTU.