Macke denies housing requirement rumors

Charles Macke, director of Housing, cleared rumors of sophomores living off campus next school year. With an additional residential hall going up, 2,300 students will be able to live on campus in the fall. Sign-ups for housing is taking place during the last two weeks of March. “We will have a pretty good idea by then on what our returning students are doing,” Macke said when asked about another overflow in campus housing.

“You do better by living on campus. That’s what I say. That’s what I believe whole-heartedly,” Macke said.

Macke denies all rumors of letting sophomores live off campus starting next semester. The only people who can live off campus are students that have been at Tech for two years, those with junior standing or students at least 21 years old.

Macke stated that the reasons for having students live on campus their first two years is statistics and the connections.

“First thing would be connections, if you’re connected to folks you are more likely to continue. If you continue you’re more likely to succeed.”

You do better staying your first two years on campus, your junior year it doesn’t seem to matter, and your senior year, it shows you do better living off campus, according to Macke.

If you talked to someone who lived on campus their first two years of school and to someone who commuted, their perception of the school ten years down the road are going to be totally different, said Macke.

Because of the overflow in freshman students last semester, some had to live in hotels or apartments. Those people will also be required to live on campus Fall 2010.

Macke wanted it be known that when students sign the housing agreement, it is just like a contract. It is agreement of two semesters for which housing will hold them accountable. Meeting the requirements halfway though the semester does not qualify you to break the contract.

Though housing is cheaper with more residents, the requirement is about the success of the students and the college more than the revenue.