Three theft incidents remain under investigation

Tech police responded to three different theft incidents in two weeks. According to Tech police reports, theft has been a reoccurring incident within the past two weeks. Catalytic converters, copper wire and computer equipment were among the items that were stolen.

At 12:40 p.m. last Monday, Tech police were dispatched to the indoor tennis courts, located at 1995 N. Willow Ave., where catalytic converters had been cut off of two Tech vans. Both vans are 2001 Dodge Ram 350s. According to the report, Tech police are checking with the Cookeville police department to see if they have had any reports of stolen converters. That investigation is ongoing.

In a separate incident, at 6:50 a.m. last Wednesday, Tech police responded to the construction site of New Hall South, where the complainant reported that sometime between 6 p.m. the previous night and the time of the report, four spools of new electrical copper wire had been stolen. The wire was located in the north wing of the fourth floor. Police questioned workers on the grounds of the construction site, but none had seen the wiring being removed. The construction site of New Hall South is fenced in with entry gates on the east and west sides. According to the report, all gates were closed and locked at approximately 7 p.m. the previous night. The wire is valued at $500, and the investigation is ongoing.

In the last incident, at 12:32 a.m. Monday, Tech police were dispatched to Henderson Hall Room Three, where officers observed that a window frame and window had been removed from the front office door of Extended Education. Officer Hunter and Lt. White cleared the office but did not locate any suspects.

Susan Elkins, vice president of Extended Programs and Regional Development, was contacted and responded to do a walk-through with officers. Elkins confirmed that one computer tower, a keyboard and a monitor were missing from a desk, all of which were said to be approximately eight years old. Several other computers and a laptop had not been bothered.

The suspect or suspects also urinated and defecated in the front office area. Henderson Hall is open 24 hours a day.

If you have any information about any of these theft incidents, you are urged to call Tech police at 372-3234 or stop by the police department at 90 W. 8th St.