Algood Diner offers affordable dining and down home feeling minutes from Tech’s campus

People always say the third time’s the charm. I found that to be true when I went to a restaurant three times and finally went while it was open and the owner was there.The Algood Diner Buffet and Grill is just a short ten minute drive from Derryberry Hall. The first time I went was for a Friday night dinner, but little did I know they are only open for breakfast and lunch, so I got Taco Bell and went home.

The second time was for breakfast, but the owner was unavailable because of family matters. The waitresses there served me my big-as-a dinner plate waffle and orange juice for breakfast and tried to help as much as they could.

Before the third time, I spoke to the owner, set up a meeting with her, talked a little, and then ordered a delicious and huge three-egg ham and cheese omelet.

The two times I went and got to eat, I noticed something while I was there. Not only was the food really good and a large portion for little money, but also, the waitresses knew customers by name and knew what was going in their lives.

“We have a wonderful customer base,” said Carla Beckwith, owner of the Algood Diner. ” They are truly our friends.”

Carla and Jack Beckwith took over the establishment almost four years ago.

“We really just wanted to be in business for ourselves,” Mrs. Beckwith said. “We get a lot of joy out of it.”

You can eat and get a drink for under $ 10, not a deal I can find anymore with as much good food as they serve here. With a full menu ranging from burgers and bar-b-que to spaghetti dinners and a buffet to a call ahead- drive up window, you will always find something to fill your appetite.

With some classic foods, a buffet, meat and threes, different options every day, and some foods that are a little different, like their Jack’s breakfast sandwich, you won’t run out of things to try at this diner.

With an appropriate “GREAT FOOD-GREAT PEOPLE” slogan this diner is one to try. Take 10th Avenue and keep going. It’s the little yellow building on the left in Algood, three and a half blocks past the Wal-Mart.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. The restaurant hours are Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. and Saturday from 6 a.m. to noon. They are closed on Sunday. To try the call ahead drive-up window, call (931) 537-3654.