Go inside the booth: Dr. Deborah Barnard

On behalf of The Oracle, Kassi Thomas sat down with Dr. Deborah Barnard, a French professor at Tech to talk about her show “Radio Francophone, Cookeville.”Q: Tell us about your show.

DB: It started out as a way to incorporate music into my beginner French classes. My French classes have to make a French play list twice a semester, so I have a “people’s (students’) choice” show every semester, which draws from their assignments. I like to use different types of music from all-around the French speaking world. Occasionally, I do themed shows – cover songs, hip hop, etc.

Q: What are some of the artists featured on your show?

DB: Blankass, Kyo, Yelle, Natcha Atlas, Mickey 3D.
Q: Have you had any other past shows?

DB: I did college radio as an undergrad back in the day, and I’ve been doing “Radio Francophone” at WTTU 88.5 FM since 2008.

Q: What courses do you teach here at Tech?

DB: All levels of French and occassionally beginning Spanish.

“Radio Francophone, Cookeville” airs on WTTU 88.5 FM on Wednesday nights from 8-10 p.m. You can also tune in online at www.tntech.edu/wttu, just follow the link on the page to listen using an array from media players.