Weather affecting intramural softball

Softball season is back in swing intramural style and many students are wondering why the fields are not in better shape. According to Darren Gregory, Intramural coordinator it’s all because of the weather.

“It doesn’t help the fields at all because when they get wet,” Gregory said. “They just hold the water this is usually when I get 15-20 phone calls or text messages from people wondering why we aren’t going to play when the sun is at its highest.”

Although Gregory gets these phone call complaints and text messages, students do offer to help by raking the fields and even pouring the top soil.

What does it take to make the fields ready for playing on? According to Gregory it takes a considerable amount of time to wait for the fields to dry. To combat the moisture, Gregory uses top soil.

“What we do with the top soil is fill in the holes and the lower levels of the fields, because that is what holds the most water,” Gregory said.

“In the infield area we use what they call quick dry because it dries in a couple of hours when left in the sun,” Gregory said. “We have also purchased two tarps from the Tennessee Tech baseball team,” to help avoid the problem with the weather.

“Hopefully [with the use of the tarps], we won’t have as many complaints as we have in the past. They should really help when it rains,” Gregory said.

Although softball has already begun, there are still intramurals to play and still time to sign up. The upcoming sports to sign up for are bowling and golf. Bowling is a one day tournament and will be held on Thursday, April 8.

As far as golf is concerned, the golf scramble consists of a four person team, and the deadline to enter the scramble is April 14. The scramble will be the weekend of April 17.