Is four an unlucky number?

While I was grazing through the Herald-Citizen, I noticed a particularly disturbing headline on Tuesday: “Cookeville man charged with 4th DUI”.How can someone get not one or even three DUIs, but four? This has to be one of the most inane things I’ve ever read about.

I genuinely feel sorry for the guy. The article said the gentleman was after revenge for being jumped by four guys. Maybe the number four is just a bad luck charm for him.

The years of his offenses are 1994, ’95, 2002 and now ’10. When you add up all the numbers of the years he was convicted you get a sum of 8,001.

Pair that with Highway 111 and you get 8,112, divide that by “four” and you get 2,028 – could it be another year of unmanageable happenstance?

He is well within age range to see another 18 years, being 40 at the time of his most recent arrest.

However, if he keeps acts like this a part of his routine, a big box will be in his near and lasting future: be it one with bars or one with nails.

Jelson is a guest editorial writer and writes “The Wheels on the Bus Go Meow Meow” feature series for The Oracle