Note from the editors

On Feb. 7, The Feb. 5 edition of The Oracle disappeared from its distribution bins in the RUC. Six men, one of whom was wearing Kappa Sigma letters, were observed on video surveillance removing The Oracle. The action was believed to be in response to an opinion piece in that edition. Oracle staff members investigated the incident further to obtain the names of responsible individuals but were restricted by FERPA laws.After meeting with Kappa Sigma representatives on Feb.23, a memo of understanding was composed and sent requesting full disclosure of documents pertaining to the investigation, permission to include the six names per the official police report in an article, statements of apology to be published in The Oracle, and repayment of the cost of production and related expenses. Follow up of that memo was unsuccessful.

On April 22, The Oracle received a university document with the following names:

John Doucette, freshman civil engineering major; Tyler Greenwood, freshman chemistry major; Kevin Hale, senior chemical engineering major; Mitchell Harrison, psychology major; Philip Stephens, senior communication major and the Kappa Sigma chapter president; and Thomas Thurmond, sophomore sociology major. According to the document, the men owe $492.11 for “repayment for papers”.

Attempts to contact Kenneth Maynard, district grand master of Kappa Sigma, for comment were unsuccessful.