Recently re-elected Ochsenbein reflects on student government

President Obama? Untouchable. President Bell? More easily accessible. President Ochsenbein? At your service. Rewind to May 2007. Newly-minted high school graduate Sean Ochsenbein steps out of the Hooper-Eblen Center with his life in front of him. Fast forward to now. Tech’s newly re-elected SGA President of the same name sits in his office. In that time, he has accomplished a myriad of achievements for both Tech and himself.

“Surprisingly, it wasn’t a goal of mine to be involved in political office. I enjoy people and working with them to achieve a goal,” Ochsenbein said. “I knew at some point I wanted to serve the student body, and being the SGA President turned out to be the perfect fit.”

Many students may wonder just how student government affects their day-to-day affairs and scholarly endeavors. What does the SGA do anyways, and what responsibility does the president hold in that?

The responsibilities held by the president are varying and multi-faceted. One day might be spent observing other universities and finding ideas to better Tech. The next day might be spent reading over legislation submitted by SGA senators or meeting with President Bell to discuss issues on campus.

“Being able to show students they do have a voice through SGA and that their concerns are taken seriously is the most rewarding thing about the office,” Ochsenbein said.

It isn’t all easy though. In addition to his duties here with SGA, Sean serves as the student regent for the Tennessee Board of Regents. His duties there are to represent all students in the entire state school system equally, including community colleges and technology centers.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to hide my purple and gold pride,” he said.

While not representing Tech, Sean volunteers for the local rescue squad and works as an EMT for the ambulance service. This, in addition to SGA responsibilities and school work, makes our president one busy man.

“Sometimes when I look at my calendar, I have four different places to be at the same time,” Ochsenbein said. “It can be tough. I have great friends and wonderful coworkers that make my lifestyle possible.”

All the bustle has to give way to some relaxation, and Sean said when life allows it, he loves nothing more than leaving the Blackberry behind and hitting the trails for a few days and spending time with friends.

“I just really enjoy life. I love people and hearing about what motivates and inspires them. People might think I’m over-excited, but really I just appreciate them. Life is too short not to enjoy the great people around you. (https://www.thisnation.com/) ”

Well said, Mr. President.