Tech to unleash awesomeness

The image of Tech is about to change as the new “Unleash Your Awesomeness” marketing campaign launches in the coming months.The marketing department’s goal is to attract high school students to Tech, and doing this requires special campaigns. The most recent one, called “More Than Tech,” is being phased out for a new message about unleashing one’s inner potential. Full potential could include participating academically, athletically or socially. The new campaign, called “Unleash Your Awesomeness,” was conceived over the summer and tested favorably in two focus groups and a survey.

Students are bombarded with college advertising throughout their entire high school careers, so the marketing department hopes to make Tech stand out among other universities.

To help spread the word about Tech and how to “unleash awesomeness,” several billboards, a radio spot, a television commercial, and a Facebook campaign are planned. The radio commercial will be played in Cookeville, and the TV commercial will play on cable channels in the Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga markets. Billboards will be constructed in the same markets with the inclusion of Cookeville.

The main target is high school students 19 and under. If successful, those students will apply to and attend Tech. Either way, Tech will have a new face in advertising with a new attitude: the attitude of busting out and unleashing something from within.

This is a busy time for the Communications and Marketing Office.

“We’re just really excited to start a new campaign. We hope it’s a good representation of the University,” Marketing Director Bobbie Maynard said.