Environment, information security focus of new policy

Tech is in the process of implementing and enforcing a new recycling policy. New, secured garbage bins are located around campus in departments and offices. Detailed instructions are posted above existing garbage and recycling bins. The instructions detail where to dispose of non-shredded paper, shredded paper, magazines, newspapers, and non-confidential information.

There are specific instructions for disposing of papers including confidential information, which must be shredded and disposed of in secured garbage bins. The new program went into effect Aug. 23.

“This is just another step in making the campus a more environmentally friendly place,” President Bob Bell said. “It is partly due to a need for higher information security.”

Tech has established a partnership with Cintas, a document shredding company. The locked Cintas bins can only be unlocked by Cintas officials.

Cintas bins can be used for any document if a shredder is not available or if the volume is too large for shredding in the office. Cintas then transports the paper to its off-campus shredding facility.

Alongside Cintas partnership, Tech has established its own in-house shredding and recycling program.

In order for paper to be disposed within the University, shredded papers must be bagged separately and picked up by Facilities personnel.

For items not shredded within the University, old recycling bins already located throughout the campus may still be used to collect pre-printed bulk material and junk mail with little indentifying personal information.

Recycled paper picked up by Facilities, including pre-shredded paper (strip shredded), will be taken to the county recycling center.

Cross-shredded paper will also be collected by Facilities.

Because of the new program, only non-paper products should be placed in regular garbage bins. Custodians will no longer empty bins that contain paper.

Cintas is the process of placing 100 blue 95-gallon locked containers at identified locations in every building. Tech pays $18 any time a bin on campus is emptied. Facilities will cover the Cintas fees.

The new program is mandated to all departments on campus.

“We are going to expect [abiding to the policy] from people,” Bell said. “It can have some pretty severe consequences if they don’t.