Fall intramurals underway

The Tech intramural program has already started off the semester. This semester offers sports such as flag football, tennis, soccer, and disc golf.The flag football and tennis portions of these events have already begun, but it is not too late to still get on a team. Games for both football and tennis started last Monday. There are many different divisions for the football portion that are tailored to fit all different types and make the games more enjoyable. They are split into Men’s Pro, Men’s Collegiate, Men’s PFR, Women’s Open, PHC and Women’s PFR.

“We have 118 teams signed up for the football portion of intramurals,” Jerry Keaton, intramural account clerk said, “which exceeded our expectations, but these teams can add players up until the last game of the regular season.”

Tennis is played a little differently. While there are still the divisions and different levels of play, tennis has implemented a “play by” date. In the instance that there is a time conflict on either end of the competitors, the players are responsible for contacting each other and rescheduling another time within the required days of play. Failure to do so or to report the game back to the intramural office will result in a double forfeit.

“We also have exceeded our expectations in the tennis portion with 111 participants this year,” Keaton said. “This number is a final number and there are no late admissions to this event.”

With flag football and tennis already in action, the intramural soccer and disc golf portions are not far behind. The soccer portion of intramurals is set up similarly to the flag football and tennis portions and will be played on campus, whereas the disc golf portion is an off-campus weekend event.

The soccer sign-up deadline is 5 p.m. on Sept. 29. All registration forms must be turned into the intramural office by that time. Also, there is a mandatory player’s meeting that is to take place at that time. Each team should have at least one representative at the meeting.

The disc golf weekend tournament also has a 5 p.m. deadline on Sept. 24. All registration forms should be turned in by that time. There is no meeting required for this sport. There should be two players on each team who must have valid Tech IDs to participate. This weekend tournament will be played at Cane Creek Park on Sept. 25.

“Overall it’s going to be a great year,” Keaton said. “We are looking forward to all the students coming out and participating in the events.”

To get more information about the intramurals program or to find out more about participating, email the intramurals office at intramurals@tntech.edu or call (931) 372-3907.