ScholarWeb now accepting applications

Many students don’t know that they can apply for 2011-2012 scholarships this early in the semester.Tech offers more than 400 different scholarships and awards millions of dollars to students each year. The deadline for scholarship applications is Dec. 15, but most students don’t know that they can apply today. Even prospective students can apply now.

“We do encourage students to apply early,” Scholarship Manager Kelly Chambers said. “In the past, we’ve had so many students try to apply on Dec. 15 that it crashed the system. You don’t want to be one of those students who waits until 11:30 pm on Dec. 15, and then the system crashes, and you don’t get in your application. If you do it now and you have a problem, there is plenty of time to fix it.”

It’s easy to apply. Students should visit ScholarWeb, Tech’s scholarships website, at www.tntech.edu/scholarships to submit an application. With just one application, students become eligible for all scholarships for which they meet the criteria.

Current students should use their T Number to apply online. Future students can use their T Number, if they have one, or the admissions username they created when applying online for admission.

ScholarWeb allows students to enter their personal information such as major, ACT score and GPA, which will narrow down the prospective scholarships for which they are eligible.

Some departments may require additional information with the application. Students should visit the checklists link on ScholarWeb to see if their major requires additional forms.

A paper application, which can be turned in to the scholarships office, is also available on ScholarWeb under the forms link. Other helpful resources are available here as well, such as a financial aid estimate form and a letter of recommendation form.

Unfortunately, Tech’s scholarships suffered due to the recent budget cuts.

“Last year we awarded about three to four million dollars,” Chambers said. “We did have to reduce pretty much all of our admission scholarships. Most of our scholarships got reduced by at least $1,000, and some programs were cut altogether. But for the upcoming year, 2011-2012, it looks like we’re going to be in a better situation budget wise.”

Awards are not given on a first-come first-serve basis. Anyone who applies by Dec. 15 is considered.

“It’s better to do it early and get it over with,” Chambers said. “Who wants to worry about applying for scholarships in the middle of finals week, right?