Flu shots available Monday

With students at Tech already wanting to know if the flu shot is available, they will be happy to hear that Monday is the first day to receive a flu shot at Health Services.This year, the flu vaccine is an all-in-one injection that protects against type A H1N1 influenza, influenza A H2N2 and influenza Type B. The vaccine can be administrated two ways, but Health Services only offers the inactivated vaccine, which is a shot injected into the muscle. The office does not offer the live “mist” vaccine, which is sprayed into the nostrils.

Students, faculty, staff, and retired employees can come to Health Services to get the vaccine. People who should consider getting a flu shot are those with compromised or suppressed immune systems, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, secondary cancer, or who are pregnant. Students or faculty who are caregivers for children six months or younger should also receive a flu shot.

“It takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to get into your system,” Cynthia Tompkins, bachelor in science and nursing, said.

“Therefore, you need to come early to get your shot, so it can be getting into your system.”

People should get the flu shot as soon as it becomes available to them. Health Services will open at 8 a.m. Monday for patients to come and receive vaccinations. Supplies are limited, and when they are out, they are out.

“There is no need to make an appointment, just walk in,” Registered Nurse Scott Bilbrey said. “There may be a wait, so be prepared. To make things easier, it would be nice if students would have their T-numbers ready.”

The cost for students is $10, and for faculty and staff, it is $15. After the shot has been given, patients must wait 20 minutes before being released.

“There will be no excuses for missed class given,” Tompkins said. “so make sure you have time in your schedule to come in.”

“If you realize you have the flu, seek medical attention as soon as possible, ” Tompkins continued.

Linda Fox, Licensed Practical Nurse, said, ” If you have the flu, stay away from public places for 24 hours and other places you might come in contact with infants and the elderly.”

To avoid possibly avoid coming in contact with the flu, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, eat healthy, increase your fluid intake, sneeze or cough into your elbow, stay away from those who are contagious, and get adequate rest.

For more information, regarding side effects and concerns, call Health Services at (931) 372-3320.