SGA plans semester in second meeting

Agenda setting characterized the SGA Senate’s second meeting of the semester. Much of the meeting was spent going over the basics of the upcoming learning commons and SOLO fund, with some time spent going over the process of creating and presenting bills.The beginning of the meeting was spent educating the senators about the plans for the new learning commons to be built in the entrance floor of the Angelo and Jennette Volpe Library. SGA President Sean Ochsenbein spoke about the plans for the learning commons before turning the floor over to Douglas Bates, Library and Learning Assistance dean.

“It’s going to be a place where when you go in, you won’t want to leave,” Ochsenbein said of the new learning commons.

The SOLO fund was another major point of interest. The three major committees overseeing the functions of the SOLO bill were introduced, each headed by an executive member of the SGA Senate, and members of the senate were recruited for each committee.

Some time was taken to introduce new senators to the process of drafting and introducing bills to help ease the senators into their roles as legislators. A mock bill was presented, and each of the steps of introducing that bill were followed through and explained.

Bates spoke in depth about what the new learning commons could offer students. The learning commons will be a more flexible area than the current library main floor, with more accommodations for students to work on projects and presentations.

“The assignments that students have been given outside of class have expanded beyond oral reports and written assignments.” Bates said. “[The library is] going to expand with them.”

These accommodations include 500 new power outlets, one at least every 15 feet; wireless capability throughout the learning commons; and more computers for student use. Work will begin on these additions August 2011.

Each of the three SOLO committees plays an important part in the success of the SOLO fund. The Major Event Logistics committee, headed by SGA Vice President Julian Lyons, is responsible for much of the legwork involved with the SOLO fund, such as planning the location and seating for the SOLO fund’s major event, a musical performance by a well-known band. Members of the Major Event Logistics Committee include Nathan Brown, Byron Nickens, Emily Byrd, Colbe Wilson, Jessica Bryant, Will Burns, Daniel Mayo, Kyle Perkins, Savannah Vaughn, and Colby Paul.

The PR & Band Selection Committee, headed by SGA Treasurer Lee Gatts, is responsible for choosing a band for the major event and making sure that students are aware of the performance. Members of the PR & Band Selection Committee include Ashley Humphrey, Matt Nisbet, Bo Murphy, Clint Durham, Clay Stubblefield, Amanda Dunham, Jenna Cunk, Jenda Wilson, and Daniel Bouch.

The Application & Understanding for Minor Funding Committee, headed by SGA Secretary Kristen Holder, makes sure that the portion of funding set aside for student organizations, 25 percent of the entire fund, is available for student organizations to use. Members of the Application & Understanding for Minor Funding Committee include Samantha Sherrell, Isaac Keebler, Matthew Bedford, Shabir Bhegani, Taylor Barr, Tara Reece, Justin Steele, Danielle Neal, Emily McDonald, Matthew Whitson, Ryan Hunley, and Chelsey Mixer.