Commercial unleashed

The commercial that the marketing department has been working on as part of the new marketing campaign is complete, airing on cable channels and available on YouTube.The storyboards, planning and creation of the commercial was an in-house project by the design department creative team who partnered with James Mabery, a freelance designer specializing in motion graphics and animation. The team hoped to create the commercial to go along with their new marketing campaign. The closest matching part of the new campaign happens to be the radio commercial.

“To also save money on the new TV commercial, we used the music and voiceover from the radio spot we had produced,” Marketing Director Bobbie Maynard said.

The TV commercial will be airing on cable channels, not local network channels, throughout October to match the timing of undergraduate admissions recruitment season, when colleges and universities try to recruit students in college fairs.

Watch the commercial at www.youtube.com/user/ttunews.