Interest sparks for Tech Times

Tech Times is the only user-fueled communication vehicle on campus, making it a valuable resource for students. Tech Times, an electronic newsletter, is e-mailed out as a way to share information about events and announcements that relate to the student body. All enrolled students receive the newsletter.

“Before, there was always someone making a decision on what you needed to know and what you didn’t need to know,” said Karen Lykins, news and communications director. “Here, when users want to communicate with students they go in and submit it themselves. The users have control over the information.”

Announcements can be submitted by students, faculty, and staff. The submitted item is checked for typos then sent out in the next newsletter. All items must be associated with Tech. If an event has already been included in the newsletter, it may be deleted to avoid repetition.

Tech Times is not sent out on a regular schedule. The frequency of publication depends on the amount of submitted items.

“It’s user-driven,” Lykins said. “If there’s nothing to send that day, we don’t send it out. We’re not committed to doing it daily, we’re committed to doing it when ever there’s something to say. [At] this point in the semester, it’s daily because users post so often.”

The design of Tech Times includes a list at the top of each newsletter showing what subjects are included in the issue. Students are able to glance at the list to see what items they would like to read.

This setup makes the newsletter a faster way to get information compared to other sources, such as Tech’s Facebook page or the online calendar.

“Our Facebook page and our website have so many different audiences that we’re speaking to,” Lykins said. “There could be messages that may or may not be relevant. This is just for students, so we try to limit that information. If it’s not appropriate to be included, we don’t put it in.”

Use of Tech Times has increased since its introduction in January. Many student organizations and campus departments are beginning to submit notices of events to create student awareness.

This system is segmented specifically for Tech students. There is currently no way to unsubscribe from Tech Times.

For more information or to submit an item to the newsletter, go to www.tntech.edu/techtimes.