Bell presents pennant from space to SGA

A Tech pennant (commemorative flag) that has orbited the Earth was awarded to SGA at its social Tuesday by President Bob Bell .President Bell offered the pennant, given to him by Tech alumni Barry “Butch” Wilmore, as a way of thanking SGA for their hard work and giving back to the students.

“This is your flag, as our way of saying ‘thank you,'” Bell said.

The pennant was one of 25 items Barry Wilmore took with him on the Space Shuttle Atlantis to deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station. Wilmore, Navy Captain and decorated fighter pilot, was the pilot of the final space shuttle crew rotation flight.

Items Wilmore took with him include Tech jerseys, eagle pins and the University flag. Upon returning from the flight, Wilmore gave the memorabilia, including the pennant, to Bell to distribute across campus, in such places as the Alumni Office, STEM Center and RUC.

The pennant was presented to the SGA during the SGA Social on Tuesday as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the SGA for their continued service.

“We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the SGA for the work that they do,” Bell said.

The pennant was well-received, and a place in the SGA office above the veranda has already been designated to display the gift.

“It shows the compassion of the University to the students when they give such a special thing to us,” SGA President Sean Ochsenbein said.