Golden Eagle Player Profile: Richmond Tooley

If I could play any other sport: “It would be tennis. I used to play with my dad. Federer is just so good. I just want to drop my racket and fall to my knees if I won. And I like the grunts. I would use those. I would revolutionize the sport. Like the Tiger Woods of tennis.”Craziest Job I would ever do: “Video game designer. Some game with sports, life and DragonBall Z. I’d call it ‘DragonBall Cofur’. I don’t know why. It just came to my mind.”

Pets: “I have a dog named Rose. I used to hate dogs though. I’m a changed man.”

Favorite Artist: “Trip Lee.”

Favorite Actor: “Gotta be Will [Smith]. Fresh Prince. All his movies are good.”

Favorite Food: “Fries. Especially from Rally’s. No ketchup though.”

Favorite thing to do when bored: “Write Poetry. I’m not sensitive, but I do have a sensitive side.”

Favorite Quotation: “My American History teacher told me this last semester. ‘Don’t throw snowballs at people with guns.’ That’s actually how the Boston Massacre started.