Health Services to restock flu shots

Because of the high student and faculty turnout for receiving flu shots, Health Services gave out every flu vaccination it had within the first week of the shots being made available. A new shipment of flu shots is expected to arrive by next Monday. “We had a positive turn out for flu shots this early in the season,” nurse Cynthia Tompkins said.

Oct. 4 was the first day Health Services had flu shot vaccination available, and by the end of that week it had given 140 flu shots.

“Tech campus has responded well to early vaccinations of the flu because of the H1N1 pandemic we had last year,” Tompkins said. ” People are more aware of the flu.”

The flu shot, being an all-in-one shot that protects against Type A H1N1 influenza, influenza A H2N2 and influenza Type B, is bringing in more students and faculty than ever before.

“Students tell us they can’t afford to be sick,”nurse Phyllis Kilgore said, “and they don’t want to be sick.”

Flu shots are available at local pharmacies and clinics in town if students or faculty do not want to wait, and Health Services may receive their shipment earlier than the latest expected date of Nov. 8. The best way to see if flu shots are available is to check the Health Services website.

For more information, contact Health Services at 931-372-3320 or go to www.tntech.edu/healthservices.