New e-mail system launches for students, alumni

A new e-mail system, released yesterday, is available for students and alumni through Live@EDU. In the coming weeks, this will become the official e-mail system for students and alumni. Live@EDU features 10GB of e-mail storage, 25GB of storage on Skydrive and Office Live.

What to expect

Student and alumni e-mail address will change. The username will remain the same, but the domain will switch from tntech.edu to students.tntech.edu. For example, if your current e-mail address is awesomeeagle42@tntech.edu, then it will become awesomeeagle42@students.tntech.edu.

Those affected by the change have until May 2011 to notify contacts of the new e-mail address, as the current Tech e-mail address will continue to receive and forward mail to the new Live@EDU account until then.

Steps to take

To access the new system, go to www.tntech.edu/studentemail. Users are required to set a new password before logging in. The initial password is your T number (including the T). After setting a new password, users can log in as they normally would.

Students and alumni can start using Live@EDU immediately, but e-mails from Tech will not be delivered to the new address until Nov. 12.

If there are e-mails in the current Tech account that users wish to keep, those should be forwarded to the new Live@EDU account. Inbox, the current system, will be available for this purpose until Nov. 29. After that date, Inbox will be unavailable.

Important dates

Nov 12. – All student e-mail will be sent to Live@EDU.

Nov 29. – The current student e-mail system at inbox.tntech.edu will no longer be accessible to forward e-mails.

May 2011 – Automatic e-mail forwarding from @tntech.edu to @students.tntech.edu will end.

For more information, visit www.tntech.edu/studentemail.

Students offer initial reactions to new e-mail system:

“If it will help us to have more access
to storage, that’s
definitely important because mine gets filled up a lot. I think it will come in handy for a lot of people.”

Sarah Jane Maynord
Biology: health
science major,

“I don’t know how it will be. I know it’s
going to be a hassle
to change.”

David Smith
Secondary education:
English major,

“I’m a little indifferent about it, but I think it will be more effective and efficient.”

Kaysee Cole
education major,