Red Dead release suits season

Zombies are a staple of this time of year, but Rockstar has put a new spin on the traditional monster: have them invade the Old West.That’s the idea behind the latest downloadable content, “Undead Nightmare,” released Tuesday for Red Dead Redemption, the second installment of the series set in the Old West.

Set in an alternative timeline from the original game, the opening scene finds John Marston returning home to his wife, Abigail, and son, Jack. After a brief exchange about the whereabouts of Uncle, a family friend. The family goes to bed for the evening. However, during the night, Uncle returns suffering from an unknown disease and attacks the family.

Before John can find his gun to slay the zombified Uncle, he bites and infects Abigail who, in turn, attacks and spreads the ailment to Jack. John manages to subdue the two, leaving them tied up in the house before hitting the trails looking for a cure. Unfortunately for John, the disease has spread throughout New Austin.

In addition to the single player portion of the content pack, “Undead Nightmare” offers a new multiplayer option named “Undead Overrun.” In this mode, two to four players join forces to hold out against the zombie horde as long as they can.

I’ve managed to log several hours so far into both parts of the pack, and I have to say I am very pleased so far. Both are very challenging as they force players to kill the undead by traditional zombie means: a bullet to the head or burning the body. In addition, ammunition is very scarce, making players be smart in how they exterminate the zombies.

Just in time for Halloween, this pack is priced right ($9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points). In addition to the appropriate price point, you can’t beat the novelty and fun of this content release.