School of Nursing receives new director

The School of Nursing is now under the direction of new leadership. Sherry Gaines took the position of director Oct. 1. “I am excited to finally be on campus. (hikeaddicts) ” Gaines said. “I am especially excited about the faculty and the amount of excellence they bring.”

Gaines will have total administrative control of the School of Nursing. Her area of expertise is health and safety in child care. In addition, she has 10 years of administrative experience.

Former Director Shelia Green said she stepped down from the position because her first love was always teaching.

“I am very thankful to leave the position in such capable hands,” Green said.

Green took the job when the nursing building was under construction and the school needed leadership.

“I had experience from a previous position in coordinating a building project,” Green said. “It was a labor of love that took three years to plan and construct.”

Under the direction of Green, the School of Nursing also underwent an external review for the reaffirmation of its national accreditation.

“I wanted to leave the position with these two things finished, so the new director could be freed to take us to the next level and our future goals,” Green said.

There was a unanimous vote for Gaines.

“We are all very excited about how she will lead our future,” Green said. “She has extensive experience in universities with similar goals that we foresee for our future.”

Bedelia Russell served as the interim director of the School of Nursing for the six-week period between directors.

“Sherry has the administrative background we need,” Russell said. “My advice to her is to try to maintain a balance between what her boss and her employees are asking of her.

“This position is the mouthpiece for students and serves as the voice of the faculty.”

Gaines said she hopes to collaborate with other programs on campus. She also said she hopes to achieve a national presence in innovative teaching.