Winery looks to Tech students for design

DelMonaco Winery and Vineyards looks to Tech students for help naming and designing a new red wine and a new white wine.Designs must contain the DelMonaco logo, relate to Tech and fit on a 750mL wine bottle. As many as four designs may be submitted by each entrant.

“We would like to see a label that when consumers look at the bottle on the shelf, they see TTU Pride, but they also see DelMonaco’s wine,” said Barbara DelMonaco, who owns the winery along with her husband, David DelMonaco.

DelMonaco continued, “Whether it is a classic look or a bright flashy design, we want the consumer to see the partnership between TTU and DelMonaco.”

The prizes, one being awarded for each new wine, are a $300 deposit into the winners’ Tech accounts, allowing them to apply the money toward purchasing books, buying a meal plan or paying tuition.

“We want to form a partnership with the University because TTU is a vital part of the community. We want to show our support and appreciation by giving back part of the proceeds to Tennessee Tech University,” DelMonaco said.

Students from any major may enter, but participants must be full-time students.

“We felt that someone just taking a class or two may not be back next semester, so the contest was limited to full-time students,” said Tracey N. Duncan, Alumni Relations director.

The wine label and naming contest allows for the winery to give back to the community and connect not only to Tech’s alumni but to the students as well.

“DelMonaco Winery is an important part of the business community here, and they are trying to support their local University by offering wines that will connect our alumni and supporters to their business,” Duncan said. “The Tennessee Tech wine, or any other DelMonaco wine, will not be marketed to or sold to any student under the age of 21. However, one way they can help students without endorsing underage drinking is by offering the awards in this contest.”

The winning wine designs to the DelMonaco bottles will begin being introduced next year.

Entries are due by Nov. 15, and the winner will be contacted by Dec. 1.

For more information, visit www.delmonacowinery.com/WineNameandLabelContest.aspx. E-mail questions to DelMonaco at barbara@delmonacowinery.com.

Entries due: Nov. 15

Prize: $300 deposit into Tech account