Arabic classes open for Spring semester

Extended education will be offering non-credit Arabic classes on campus next semester.The class was first offered this semester and currently has 12 students. Students mainly want to learn Arabic for travel purposes, according to course instructor Amel Alouani.

“For years, students have been asking me, ‘Why don’t you teach this course?,'” Alouani said.

“Students travel and need the basic communication skills when they go to a restaurant, get in a taxi or at the airport,” Alouani said.

She added that international business students or those joining the military may want to take the course.

“In the beginner’s class, students will learn how to communicate in a very basic way,” Alouani said. “This is a brand new symbol and a brand new tool to communicate.

“If students don’t have the basics,” Alouani said, “they need to take the beginner’s class.”

Students with previous experience with Arabic may wish to sign up for the intermediate class. Entry to the intermediate course is by instructor approval only.

The course will primarily focus on the basics of Arabic, such as the letters and frequently-used phrases and greetings. Part of the class will also be devoted to studying the culture and different dialects of Arabic-speaking countries.

Arabic is spoken by more than 200 million people and was adopted as one of six official languages of the UN in 1974. Arabic is the official language of more than 18 countries, including Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon.

The course will begin in late January, according to Alouani. The beginner’s class will start Jan. 26 and meet each Wednesday night from 6 p.m. to The intermediate class will begin Jan. 24 and meet Monday nights from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The classes will adhere to the regular semester schedule, and registration costs $100 for 30 hours.

“As of now, the instructor is supplying the materials needed,” said Dennis Tennant, Extended Programs and Regional Development Office associate director.

Although the intermediate class will be the highest level offered next semester, the learning doesn’t have to stop there.

“Next semester we will be offering the beginner and intermediate classes,” said Alouani, “and hopefully next fall we will offer the advanced class.”

However, the advanced class may be offered in the summer, according to Tennant.

The course is offered through extended education as part of the personal enrichment program. The course is available to anyone in the surrounding community, not just Tech students.

Registration can be completed at the Extended Programs and Regional Development Office located in Henderson Hall Room 3. Students may also register online, over the phone or by mailing or faxing the registration form.

Anyone interested in taking this course can find more information at the extended education website at www.tntech.edu/noncredprog/basic-arabic.