Fitness Center adds new equipment

Students around campus have been complaining about some of the equipment in the fitness center being out of date and not being able to use the treadmills because there just isn’t enough equipment for all students to workout on.However, Suzann Hensley, Fitness Center assistant director, stated that the University has “just purchased a Total Gym, 1,000 pounds of dumbbells and six new bikes.”

Hensley also mentioned that the school would love to have more equipment, but there just isn’t enough space in the fitness center for that to be possible, at least in the near future.

Some students have also mentioned that when they have been in the Fitness Center, they have noticed some of the equipment being out of order for some periods of time.

Hensley responded, “Our equipment has a tremendous amount of usage, and breakdown time is just a fact of life. Often times, parts are delayed for weeks, and when that happens, we have no other choice than to wait.”

As of Tuesday, all treadmills were up and running without problem.