College of Business to host Etiquette Dinner

An annual Etiquette Dinner hosted by the College of Business offers business students a chance to practice networking, interviewing and dining skills. Tech’s College of Business Board of Trustees, College of Business Development and COB Student2Career Program sponsors the event. One can expect a full five-course meal including Italian wedding soup, garden salad, grilled julienne chicken in light dressing, and dessert. Also, students will experience a one-on-one interviewing session during their meal with a business professional.

“The EQ Dinner is one of the best events of the year for a business student,” Amy Jo Carpenter, Student2Career manager, said. “They get to practice networking and interviewing over a meal, both of which are things they will do the rest of their lives as business professionals. The cool part is they are able to practice all this over a fabulous five-course meal in a room with about 40 business leaders from all over the country as their guides! All for $10.”

Carpenter points out that last year there were 55 students and 20 business professionals. Out of those 55 students, three landed jobs, two got internships, and six were granted interviews.

However, Carpenter notes, “Hiring after that night is not the goal, just a perk.”

Carpenter makes everyone who attends the dinner turn in a resume.

“I match everyone’s resume, both students’ and business professionals’, and match personality strengths, skills, background and experience by table. It’s not easy and not quick, but it is so worth it for all involved,” Carpenter said.

The Etiquette Dinner is Thursday, March 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the STEM Center.