Student response needed for survey

All freshmen and senior Tech students have an opportunity to voice opinions that will help the University better serve the needs and expectations of students.The National Survey of Student Engagement impacts the type of education and social programs that Tech offers its students. Students have the chance to voice their opinions about their experience at Tech. The data collected is used by the administration, faculty and staff to implement changes.

“Students will complain about different things on campus, the only way for us to change them and to make it better is to get student input,” said Theresa Ennis, university assessment coordinator. “Whether the input is good or bad, TTU needs to know.”

Students will receive a series of five e-mails throughout the semester reminding them to complete the survey. The survey is confidential and administered via the Internet, which will take approximately five minutes to complete. Although students are encouraged to complete the survey in its entirety, you may start the survey and return later to finish.

The NSSE survey is administered to more than 1,400 institutions and is divided into five categories: academic challenge, active learning, student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experiences and supportive campus environment. NSSE survey compares freshmen data versus senior data on the same questions to determine the schools strengths and weaknesses in each academic department.