Tech Wars to end this month

The war between residential halls is coming to an end.Tech Wars is a building vs. building competition through residence halls that has been taking place this year on campus.

“We started Tech Wars to get students to take pride in their resident hall and to have a since of ownership,” said Andrew Moneymaker, residential life area coordinator.

Each month a competition takes place between each residence hall. This year, some of the events that happened were a kickball tournament, cardboard boat race, rock band tournament, blood drive, bowling pin dodge ball, and minute to win it competition.

Buildings not only have to compete in the competitions but participate in them as well.

“Participation points are what help the building win,” Moneymaker said.

Not only could residents show up at competition events to get participation points, but at every home football and basketball games there was a booth set up. During homecoming, residence halls had activities for residents to participate in and earn points.

Each building who places first in an event receives a plaque to be hung in their lobby. The building that wins overall gets a trophy. The trophy will be displayed in the lobby until the following year when a new building wins.

“We will present the trophy at an RHA, Residential Hall Association, ceremony close to the end of April,” Moneymaker said.

On the RHA website, is a list of every building as well as the points they have. Right now, any of the top four or five teams could still have a chance to win.

Browning and Evins Hall is in first place with Ellington and Warf Hall is in second, but the war isn’t over just yet.

The last competition will be a relay held later this month. Watch for signs in residence halls for more information.