Window on the World festival to return next week

Every spring, the RUC is adorned with dozens of flags from all over the globe. While the banners make for an eye-catching symbol, some students may wonder why they are there. The answer is an annual event known as Window on the World.This year’s festival begins in the RUC on April 15 with an opening symposium and more festivities to follow on April 16.

According to Katie Kumar, last year’s WOW coordinator, the theme is “Festivals on the World.” A plethora of international foods, music and dancing will be available to festival-goers free of charge. In addition, ethnic crafts will be displayed and sold.

Last year’s attractions included Indian henna art, Irish step-dancing, and mariachi music. However, Kumar is quick to point out that the multicultural entertainment, presentations and displays are just a few of the things one can expect to find at the festival.

“The purpose is sharing your culture and peaceful approaches to world problems,” Kumar said.

WOW is primarily funded by Center Stage and special grants from Walmart and Sam’s Club. It is sponsored by the Globalization Committee of the College of Business. Although Window on the World is primarily supported by larger groups and attended by individuals, Kumar invites all on-campus groups.

“Student organizations are encouraged to participate,” Kumar said.

For more information, visit orgs.tntech.edu/wow.