Senior Goodbyes

It’s tradition for graduating seniors on staff to write a farewell, but I’m using my final Oracle article as an exercise in persuasion. The Oracle recently advertised job openings, and the response was disappointing. Although the positions have been filled, here are five reasons why you need(ed) to apply:1. All majors are welcome

While The Oracle staff is a majority of journalism or public relations students, the paper is looking for a fresh outlook, which someone studying another field can offer. For instance, the new Advertising Manager is a math major, a subject that turned many students (including myself) into journalism majors.

2. A paycheck

Sure, the pay won’t help you finance a new car, but look at it this way-many Oracle staff members are also involved with WTTU and The Eagle, which also offer paid positions. Combine that pay, and you’ll make enough to pay bills and buy food that isn’t laced with high-fructose corn syrup.

3. A resume plug

If you write for the entertainment, opinion or sports sections, your opinion is published nine times a semester. That’s nine articles in a portfolio to show potential employers.

The Managing Editor oversees all facets of The Oracle and coordinates with beat reporters. The Assistant Managing Editor gains Internet journalism experience by maintaining tntechoracle.com, the copy editor can tell employers that he/she edited all the stories for a weekly newspaper and the advertising staff gains skills that can be carried to other professions, such as marketing.

4. Professional training

All section editors gain management experience, and everyone becomes comfortable with InDesign, Photoshop or photography. Over the course of the semester, staff members find that The Oracle isn’t as time-consuming or daunting as it seems. Some editors become able to write articles and design pages in under an hour.

There isn’t a fifth reason. I told you numbers weren’t my thing.

That being said, I’d like to thank my family for their unrelenting support, my best friend for leaving the porch light on when I had late deadlines, the journalism faculty for maintaining a thriving program, and past/current Oracle staff for sympathy concerning the post-grad job market.