Senior Goodbyes

Working at The Oracle has been quite the ride: sometimes a blessing and sometimes a burden, but always a learning experience. My propensity to research random facts and to correct people’s grammar has been put to good use the last two years as copy editor. I hope that it was enough and that the paper wasn’t too mistake ridden during this time, though I know of several instances when errors made it through to print and suspect many more went entirely undetected by myself.

I regret this but feel it was bound to happen. I’m a student correcting the work of other students, and copy editing is but one of many hats I wear. I’ve devoted much time and energy to the paper and wish I’d had more of both to give to each issue. Being limited in these areas, as well as in my knowledge and capabilities, has helped me grow.

First, I strive harder to overcome my limitations, so The Oracle and my other work make me proud. Also, I accept that I am a fallible person, just like everyone else.

If I tried my best and still made mistakes, the mistakes are just that: mistakes. It’s only important that I try to learn from them.

It’s this knowledge and a plethora more that I will take with me from Tech as I continue as a student of life.

I hate that the ride has to end, but it certainly was a good one for me. I hope it was, and will continue to be, for the readers as well.