In praise of my University

As I glance at my class schedule I don’t just see class times.  I see five days a week that I’m in paradise, also known as 1000 North Dixie Ave.

I really believe there is no better place to be than the Tech campus here in Putnam County.  

I am compelled to convey how thankful I am for the privilege of attending such a high quality, academically respected and low tuition university.

Tech is a united community of unique individuals who set a great example to the world.  

Students here can be acknowledged for the content of their character.

The campus is always clean and is constantly being remodeled, upgraded and improved.  

The dining choices are unparalleled to other colleges and are spread across the campus, the newest addition being Au Bon Pain located in the new Library Commons.

The conversion of the first floor in the library from obstructed bookshelves to open areas for students and computers is right on pace with this rapidly changing technological world.  

Speaking of computers in the library, let’s get them plugged in and online.  

I don’t want to go to Clement Hall.  I want to be in the big open library.

 I congratulate the Golden Eagle football team for their victory in the opening home game and I wish them good luck and good officiating in this Saturday’s game.  

The band, cheerleaders and Awesome Eagle added a high energy atmosphere to the game.  

In addition to sporting events Tech has all kinds of events coming up including the B.o.B. concert, music recitals at the Bryan Fine Arts Building, drama events at the Backdoor Playhouse, and dozens of happenings at the Roaden University Center.  

Also, listen to WTTU 88.5 for the new crop of student disc jockeys with cool airwave names like “Pilsbury” (that’s me), “Zander”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, and many more. I predict the best year for the radio station and look forward to hearing some really cool music.

 I want to wrap this all up with a message for all students.  

Have confidence that you chose the right school.   Attend all your classes, take part in class discussions, do the assignments on time and get ready for good grades!