Signs of courtesy lacking on elevators

One of the most frustrating feelings is when you are riding an elevator, it stops at the intended destination, slowly opens its doors, and then before you can even think about stepping out, a crowd of people start rushing in.

While they could be in a hurry too, they should still allow time for those who are on the elevator to get off. The primary goal of having elevator etiquette is safety. Nobody feels like being trampled when they are attempting to exit the elevator.

If someone is trying to exit the elevator while a group of people are trying to enter, there is a chance that he/she could be stepped on, pushed into other people, or even knocked down. This could especially pose a problem for those who are using crutches or are in a wheelchair.

If you simply cannot wait for those who are in the elevator to step out of it, activities you could consider doing while waiting are: texting a friend, reading over notes, or letting your mind wander aimlessly. After all, if you were attempting to get off of an elevator, wouldn’t you like it if people allowed you enough courtesy to get off before they entered? Using an elevator is a privilege for everyone, not just you.

Elevator etiquette helps create order and safety for those who ride. Just remember to allow others to get off before you kindly step on.