Wanted: Opinions

Welcome to your opinion page.  

I know all of you have your own ideas about current events on campus and around the world.  I know you look at difficult issues, examine the facts and draw your own conclusions.  I want to hear what you have to say.

When I joined the editorial staff last semester, I was excited about having the opportunity to share my thoughts with others in Tech’s community.  I shared my pet peeves about campus life as well as my opinions on political and ethical topics.   

    However, as the semester wore on, I found it increasingly difficult to write my column.  I still had plenty of topics, but I was bored.  I wanted to hear opposing views.  I wanted a real conversation.  

I’m sure that all of you felt the same.  It gets monotonous reading the same point of view every week.  

To stir things up, there are going to be two changes to our editorial page.  

First, I’d like to give a warm welcome to our new Assistant Editorial Editor, Jonathan Frank.

As readers know, I tend to focus on campus issues.  When I do write about political issues I lean left.  

Jonathan is a talented conservative political opinion writer.  I hope that this addition will help to create a well-rounded opinion page.

In addition to a new weekly columnist, I am sending out an open invitation for students, faculty and staff to send in their own editorials.

    Submissions can cover any subject.  I only ask they meet a few basic requirements.  

    First, make sure you include facts.  An editorial is not just an opinion.  All submissions should show that the writer has researched both sides of the issue and has drawn his/her own conclusion using not only hard facts but also personal opinion and values.

Some topics, like campus parking, for example, will probably have to rely more on personal experience than research.  

However, you can still include facts about how long it takes you to find a parking spot and how many parking spaces other universities of the same size have in comparison to  Tech.

Also, keep it clean.  If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother then don’t put it in your editorial.  

Refrain from painting the opposing viewpoint as stupid or evil.  Any submissions that rely on slander and name calling will not be published.

This opinion page is now your platform.  I want to know where you stand whether you are passionate about politics, campus issues or anything in between.