Fall intramurals begin with flag football

It’s intramural time at Tech and more than 100 teams are ready to play the first team sport, flag football.

Competition began this week with 24 football games per night, Monday through Thursday. This season, games begin at 5 p.m. and last until 11 p.m.

The only way Intramural Coordinator Darren Gregory could descried the opening day was ‘long.’ The staff was out all day preparing for the flag football games to begin.

While Gregory does expect great things from teams this season, he is especially excited about changes in the office. One change is the use of new iPads. That allows athletes to register online, and complete the liability waiver they must sign.

“[The waiver should be signed] preferably prior to the first game. We will have the iPad on site for people that didn’t previously register,” said Gregory.

This will cut down on a lot of paperwork in the office.

“I’m excited about going paperless and killing less trees,” added Gregory.

Twitter is another form of technology that the intramural staff will be using. Live tweets will be sent from the field with information such as scores, cancellations and general updates.

Their Twitter handle is @TechIntramurals.

“Be sure to follow us,” said Intramural office Graduate Assistant Brandon Weaver.

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