Day: September 22, 2011


B.o.B tells of his biggest challenge, greatest influences as a musician

For the first time, Chiddy Bang was the opening act for B.o.B at Tuesday night’s second concert in the SOLO Concert Series at the Hooper Eblen Center. B.o.B, a mainstream hip-hop songwriter, performer and producer, headlined the concert. B.o.B has performed on multiple college campuses in Tennessee, including East Tennessee […]


Let’s Talk About Movies: Drive

Simply stated, “Drive” is a beautiful film. Getting paid to watch movies and write about them has always been a great privilege. Movies such as “Drive,” however, make me think I have the best job in the world. Based on the 2005 James Sallis novel by the same name, “Drive” […]


Tech Students Gain Valuable Experience Abroad

Students from Tech had the chance to experience healthcare abroad this summer when eight nursing students and one business student traveled overseas to spend 30 days in Finland. These students spent time in a classroom setting, in hands-on simulation experiences and touring the streets of Russia and Finland. Jenny Maffett, […]


Career Services Offers Resume Tips

Career Services is preparing Tech students for the one thing that could make or break them in their career prospects. When the time comes to apply for jobs, every student will have to submit a resume, and they may not know how to properly prepare one.  “Everybody thinks the way […]


Baja team brings home 12th win

The Society of Automotive Engineers’ Baja team won its 12th championship over the summer. With this win, the team boasts a new record because it holds twice the number of championships compared to any other Baja team in the world. Faculty Adviser Dale Wilson said that the team’s disadvantage when […]


Safety concerns lead to vehicle-free main quad

University administration made the decision to block Quadrangle Drive from motor vehicle traffic effective fall 2010. This decision was based on recommendations from the University’s Master Plans from 2001 and 2010.  The two master planners agreed that the area should be closed off from personal vehicles for safety.   “A […]


Annual Nashville Zombie Walk collects canned food, stares

What do we want?   BRAINS! What’s even better than just collecting brains?  Collecting canned goods for the needy while participating in a truly unique experience on Nashville’s streets. In two weeks, the streets of Nashville will be crowded with the walking dead for the annual Zombie Walk 2011. The Nashville […]


Lonesome Road finishes New Vegas story

I know for most of you out there, the release of the fourth DLC for “Fallout: New Vegas” was not the biggest title to drop on Tuesday.  Don’t fret; we’ll take a look at “Gears of War 3” next week after I’ve had time to log enough hours to give […]


Time-bending comic ‘Casanova’ begins third series: ‘Avaritia’

Continuing a very successful run, Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá’s “Casanova” enters its third volume, “Avaritia,” with another memorable first book. Picking up the story after the climatic end to the second volume, “Gula,” the series continues down the trippy, time-bending road on which it started.  Bá’s artistic direction of […]


The Mailbag

Q: What’s wrong with Chris Johnson? A: Yes, the man who received a whopping $53.5 million dollar extension for the Titans has averaged a paltry 2.3 yard-per-carry average this season. Yes, he has run into the back of his linemen more than he has run for first downs. Yes, he’s […]