Annual Nashville Zombie Walk collects canned food, stares

What do we want?   BRAINS! What’s even better than just collecting brains?  Collecting canned goods for the needy while participating in a truly unique experience on Nashville’s streets.

In two weeks, the streets of Nashville will be crowded with the walking dead for the annual Zombie Walk 2011. The Nashville Zombie Walk is an official participant in World Zombie Day.The World Zombie Day organization began the walks in Pittsburgh, Penn. and now the walks have become internationally recognized as events for fun and the goal of breaking the world record for the city with most zombies at one time.

Come out Oct. 8th to Riverfront Park with your fellow swarms of the undead to take part in this annual Nashville Zombie Walk 2011. Organizers collect canned food for donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, but it is not mandatory just encouraged.  

Items that are needed are peanut butter, canned tuna, canned fruits, rice, beans, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables, and canned meats.

Arrive early around 3 p.m. to gather, learn the route, meet, greet, photograph, and to further get drenched in blood and dismantlement.   

The walk begins at 4 p.m. and lasts for about an hour as zombies parade the streets, sidewalks, block traffic, and get glorified by tourists and locals.

Now where would a good zombie mob be without survivors thrown into the mix?  Not only do people dress as zombies, but there are even survivors tossed into the mix, comprising the role of movie and comic book heroes, such as, Umbrella corps, renegade cops, Bruce Campbell’s, Rick Grimes, and more.  

Survivors are great not only for great video, pictures, and laughs but also where else are the zombies going to get their unquenchable craving for brains?

While costume supplies already are starting to get put on the shelves for Halloween, it’s a great time to find fake blood and make up. There are also many how-to-make-fake-blood articles on the internet for those who really wish to get crafty.

It is recommended to use clothes you’re not going to miss too much since they will get messed up.  Zombies aren’t always the best at living the glam life unless, of course, you’re in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.

Check your closets for old clothes and check out some discount clothing stores for ideas. Just dress-up and act have fun. Remember, the walking dead can unexpectedly come from anywhere.  

How were you ambushed?  They got me looking snazzy last year and the two years before I was a pirate and a bearded mama zombie.  Trust me… they’ll find you.

Every year the walk in Nashville grows substantially and this year will be no different.  The walk usually last about an hour then ends where it started; people then generally take more photos and then go to the parties at the local venues dressed as zombies.

The event is free, but due to the distance factor set aside time to shop, eat, and have some fun after the walk.

Check out the Nashville Zombie Walk 2011 on Facebook for more information and directions.