Time-bending comic ‘Casanova’ begins third series: ‘Avaritia’

Continuing a very successful run, Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá’s “Casanova” enters its third volume, “Avaritia,” with another memorable first book.

Picking up the story after the climatic end to the second volume, “Gula,” the series continues down the trippy, time-bending road on which it started.  Bá’s artistic direction of the book compliments Fraction’s storytelling ability with a truly unique style.

The story follows the tale of Casanova Quinn as he is abducted from one timeline into a parallel one by Chairman Xeno.  After his cross time journey, the dimension of time begins breaking down in the present timeline causing a variety of problems that Quinn and his on again, off again allies at E.M.P.I.R.E. must fix.

If you couldn’t tell from the last paragraph, the story is fairly complex and makes you flip back pages occasionally to make sure you didn’t miss something.  Offered at the beginning of the issue, a brief synopsis brings a new reader up to speed on previous events, although I recommend a fresh reading from the start of the series.

Once you break the shell of the story, “Casanova” gives the reader a rich experience that challenges concepts of the comics genre.  , taking over art duties from his twin brother Fabio Moon, continues the strong artistic element of the book.

“Casanova” is an interesting read and well worth your time and money as the third volume looks to keep up the high quality of the series.