Let’s Talk About Movies: The Guard


“I don’t know if you’re really, really dumb or really, really smart,” said   FBI Agent Wendell Everett.  These words resonate throughout the whole film as we follow Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Breeden Gleeson), a.k.a. The Guard, as he helps on a case with an FBI Agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) looking for three drug smugglers.

Sgt. Gerry Boyle has an upfront and personal in your face personality, while he stays laid back and classy when it comes to the investigation.  The film centers on Gerry Boyle as he goes about his usual business as the investigation revolves around searching the town for the leaders of a drug trafficking ring.

It seems as if Boyle prefers taking his sweet time. He’s more likely to make a joke of the situation than actually helping alongside Everett throughout the investigation. 

As Everett goes about questioning the locals for information about the known smugglers; Boyle takes time out of his busy schedule, declines helping the agent, and takes a vacation he supposedly says he’s booked months in advance.  Everett unsuccessfully attempts’ looking for evidence, but Boyle discovers the missing vehicle of the guard that disappeared the night before.

Throwing out the unlikely possibility that the new guard committed suicide, they go with the alternative that he came across the smugglers that night and they whacked him on the spot.

Later while Boyle and Everett follow their own leads, it turns out that many of the guards and officials are taking bribes from the drug smuggler.  The chief of police in Galway meets one of the smugglers for the handoff and says he can vouch for everyone on the force that they’ll keep their nose out of their affair.  Only one he says that he can’t vouch for is Boyle because he’s too unpredictable.

It’s doesn’t seem to be that Boyle is lazy, but instead he’s aware that many of the other guards are on the take and he’s just waiting for the traffickers to slip up. 

One last attempt, Boyle’s officials try blackmail and bribery, but just like western heroes, he’s not easily persuaded and the chief releases him from the case.

Later the FBI moves on to the next town, one of the smugglers tries to kill Boyle; which he escapes charismatically and with style, and then he goes on to take on the smuggling ring himself.

During the summer, “The Guard” premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland and is currently being shown in select theaters across the U.S.   The movie is only playing in Knoxville at the Regal Downtown West Cinema 8, you can see this film there; along with, many other independent and foreign movies that play at this location. 

Filled with loads of sarcasm, wit and dark humor this Irish movie is worth every penny.  Never fear though, if the movie stops showing before you get the chance it’s definitely a great rental from any of your favorite movie services or buy it for any fans of underdog shoot em’ up comedies.


Final Grade: B+