Flu shots available at Health Services

With flu season approaching, students are faced with the task of deciding where to receive their flu shots.

Health Services has flu shots available to students for $11 and faculty for $15, but there are only about 400 shots in stock with some on back order, according to Scott Bilbrey, men’s health coordinator for Health Services.

In recent years, all of Health Services stock of flu shots has been depleted, but it is too soon to tell if this school year will follow the same trend.

“We’ve got plenty right now,” Bilbrey said. “And right now it’s just a little too early because usually the flu season hits around January, but, of course, each year varies.”

Students are not able to file with their insurance companies due to the fees that are included in their tuition, regardless of whether their insurance will pay for flu shots or not.

However, several pharmacies, including Walgreens and CVS, offer flu shots that are covered by some major insurance companies.

“We check with your insurance company to see if it’s covered,” Laura Busenbark, CVS pharmacist in charge, said. “We give you a $5.00 gift card if your insurance doesn’t cover it.”

Although flu shots are $29.99 at CVS, she stated that many Tech students come in to receive them.

 “Why pay $11 for a shot I can get for free with my insurance at Walgreens,” Christine Horn, multidisciplinary studies major, said. “I guess it would make a difference if I used $11 in gas to get there, but I don’t.”

Bilbrey said that he believes that the cost of the shots at Health Services is minimal in comparison to what customer service patients receive at Health Services.

“A lot of times, we make our faculty and students wait 20 minutes just to make sure they don’t have a reaction,” Bilbrey said. “I like that we take that extra precaution and the convenience of being able to come over here since it’s right on campus.”

For more information or to receive flu shots, contact Health Services at (931) 372-3320.