Spirit Squad introduces new mascots this season

The Tech Spirit Squad has added three new mascots this year to complement Awesome Eagle at appearances.

Grandpappy Eagle and the Purple and Gold Morphs, or nest keepers, have been added to the program in order to get more of the crowd involved at events.

“We had thought about it before but never had this kind of dedication to the program until now,” program coordinator Robin Burroughs said. “The characters can play off each other, and it helps to expand the program.”

The new mascots have been added to give back to the community, according to Awesome Eagle. Awesome wants to interact with all the people that support him, and the new mascots can help Awesome spread Tech Pride. According to Awesome, the community is what defines Tech. He wants to put on more of a show and make events even more enjoyable for the people who support him.

Grandpappy Eagle is Awesome’s grandfather. He used to be Tech’s mascot and recently came out of retirement to join his grandson at sporting events and other appearances. According to Awesome, Grandpappy may be slower, but he has the same playful spirit that’s expected of the Eagle family.

The Purple and Gold Morphs were added to the program to entertain the crowd. According to the Gold Morph, the Eagles represent the image of Tech, and the morphs are spirit-based.

Grandpappy and the Purple and Gold Morphs participate in skits with Awesome during football tailgating. Each skit has a different theme. The themes so far have been Grease and video games, and the next game will have a skit based on the circus. Homecoming’s skit is a surprise. Each skit will be performed again during basketball games.