That’s what she said

DEAR SHE SAID:  Is there anything outdoors to do in this town? And do any restaurants give discounts? -Broke freshman

DEAR BROKE: Most restaurants in town actually offer 10 percent discount to Tech students. There are some places that have Tech nights. If you like to do things outdoors then you should check out Burgess Falls. It’s a good place to hike and see the falls. Fall Creek Falls and Rock Island are both within an hour distance from Cookeville as well. Cummings Falls is another place to go.

DEAR SHE SAID: I am a sophomore business major but I think I want to switch to Human Ecology Merchandising and Design. Did I wait to switch my major to late? Do you think it’s a good idea to switch majors in the middle of the school year? -Confused on campus


DEAR CONFUSED:  If being a business major is something you do not want to do anymore than you definitely should switch to something you find more interesting and you enjoy. Its hard coming to college with your mind made up with what you exactly want to be. Most people who come in with a set major with change it at least once before graduating. You should also see if credits will switch over and you might still be on track. The professors will not get mad and they are here to help you succeed. Good luck and hope it works out for you. If not you can always switch to something else.  

DEAR SHE SAID:  I am graduating in May and have no clue where to even start looking for a job or what exact career path I want to choose. -Scared to face the real world

DEAR SCARED:  First go take a visit to Career Services, Alice Camuti and Don Foster are there willing to help you be successful when you graduate. Get your name out there and have a well established resume ready to hand out. Don’t worry about finding your dream job right off the bat. You will most likely switch companies several times and even might do something that will have nothing to do with your major. You might want to even create a LinkedIn account and ask professors if they have any connections anywhere. The more time and commitment you put out there the better result you will get.


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